Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another site, and some more sales

Sales #3 and #4 have gone through! #3 was another Dreamstime sale, while #4 was at a new site for me, Shutterstock.



I sent in my first batch of "application" photos to Shutterstock a month ago, but they had some problems. In addition to whatever problems there were with the images, the inspectors didn't feel the model releases had a sufficiently high resolution. When 7/10 of your batch isn't accepted, you are locked out of Shutterstock for 30 days.

When I first see a rejection, I still get the same feeling I got with that first iPhoto or Shutterstock rejection. It's pretty much: "Screw them, what do they know anyway." And so on...

And then I take a deep breath, and try to take an objective look at my submission in light of their critique. The inspectors are almost always right. Whether it's an ugly shadow I somehow didn't notice, or slight under- or overexposure, or even barely readable or incorrectly filled-out model releases.

I try to keep in mind that this whole process is a fantastic learning opportunity for me. Not only do I get free, professional feedback on my images, but I actually make a little money on the good ones!

I should emphasize little here. My earnings to date, on 4 sales, are a whopping: $3.87.

That's not a complaint. I am just starting out. Ask me in a year or two if I'm happy with the financials of this project. Then ask me if I am taking better pictures. (I can already answer that one with a big "hell yes!".)

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